My Goal

I’m often asked why I offer free auto-buying advice and make my complete manual available for only $10.00. Most people who have read the manual tell me it’s worth at least 10 times the price. My reasons are twofold.

First, I won’t pretend that I’m some altruistic do-gooder trying to save the world. But I am a businessman, and I have a valuable product that will help just about every car buyer in the world. So why shouldn’t I capitalize on my 18+ years experience in the car business and make a modest amount of money from my knowledge? I don’t think anyone would begrudge me the opportunity to benefit from the fruits of my labors.

Second, I think the time has come for car dealers to improve their image, and more importantly, to modify the way they do business. Some dealers have made great strides in this area. But the vast majority still plays games and makes the car-buying process a nightmare. It doesn’t have to be this way, but car dealers are resistant to change unless it benefits them. In the ever-changing auto marketplace, dealers have modified how they do business. Unfortunately, these new tactics only serve to benefit the dealers. The buyer is still vulnerable and frustrated.

A major change in any industry takes time. If enough car buyers were armed with the right information and proven negotiating strategies, it could literally force car dealers to change the way they do business or face extinction. Knowledge is power. And power can effect change—one customer at a time.

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