Buying a Car: A Cruel Reality

For over 60 years, the mere thought of buying a car has filled the American consumer with anguish, uncertainty and fear. Whether actually buying a car or something as innocent as shopping around for one, most car buyers agree that the whole process is utterly horrible. And survey after survey has revealed that the vast majority of consumers would rather have a tooth pulled than shop for a car. Car buyers rarely drive off in their new car feeling satisfied with the price, trade-in allowance, financing, etc. Most people just feel cheated. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they have every reason to feel this way.

Having worked in the car business for over 18 years, and as author of a highly-successful book entitled, How to Buy the Most Car for the Least Money, I can tell you first hand that even well informed, highly-educated consumers get twisted inside-out when they try to outwit car dealers. This has nothing to do with intellect or education. Walking into a showroom unarmed or worse yet, misinformed, is like walking into a lion’s den with a butter knife. Without the necessary tools and insider secrets to protect you, be prepared to get eaten alive. Every minute of every day unsuspecting car buyers march into dealerships from coast to coast with the best intentions, only to end up like lambs going to slaughter. Harsh? Perhaps. But the only crime you can accuse me of is being honest. I speak the truth.

Here’s even worse news: although car dealers have always had the upper hand with consumers, over the last 10 years several changes in the automotive marketplace have created a new breed of car dealers; a more dangerous, highly-refined breed. The Dealers of the New Millennium are not the barbarians of yesterday. The “slam, bam, thank you ma’am” dealer that has enjoyed overwhelming success and astounding profits for so many decades is now antiquated and obsolete; replaced by an extremely sophisticated version.

It is no longer a bloody battle of Gladiators; it is now a tactical game of chess. Primitive strategies have been overhauled and modernized with cutting-edge selling systems designed to outwit even the most astute consumer. In today’s ferociously competitive automotive marketplace, the successful dealer is well informed, educated, and completely in tune with the times. In order to survive and maintain the high profit levels they enjoyed in the past, dealers underwent an amazing transformation. It isn’t that they wanted things to change; they were forced to change. With the vastness and unlimited information available on the Internet, car dealers recognized that consumers now have access to more car-buying tools than ever before, so dealers were faced with evolution or extinction.

And boy did they evolve! No one thought that buying a car could ever get more complicated and difficult than it already was, but I’m here to tell you that car buyers today are facing a formidable opponent when they enter the showroom. Today’s automobile dealer is the product of an incredible metamorphosis. Necessity has forced him to abandon the crude selling tactics of the past and adopt new, revolutionary strategies. Car dealers today are magicians; masters of illusion. They have met the challenge of today’s cautious shopper. They have out-maneuvered the careful eye of consumer protection agencies and they have risen above and beyond anything that nature has ever created. Yes, my fellow consumers, the savvy automobile dealer today can tell you to “go to hell”, and have you look forward to the trip!

When you walk into the typical car dealer’s showroom today, you won’t find shabby-dressed, cigar-smoking old-timers who greet you by exclaiming, “Can I hep ya?” What you will find is a well-trained, meticulously-coached, professional salesperson with a pleasant demeanor and cleverly-concealed, razor-sharp fangs. From the moment he shakes your hand, he’ll be focused on one thing and one thing only: consummating a deal.

He’ll be neatly dressed and will be able to answer virtually any question you might pose about any car or option available at that particular dealership. His thorough product knowledge will likely impress you. He will be able to tell you why the cars he sells are superior to the competition, and why the dealership he represents is the best place to buy a car. And once he lands you on a particular model, he’ll take you on a pleasant and informative demonstration ride and do a complete “walk- around” presentation of the car in which you’re interested. When you enter the salesperson’s office he won’t appear to be pressuring you into making a hasty decision. In fact, you might be taken aback by his laid-back approach. But beware, what you see is not what you get. The spider is spinning his web, and guess whose checkbook is on the menu? During this whole seductive process, he’ll be so polite and non-threatening that you will likely let your guard down. That’s when he’ll strike.

Shrewd, educated and well informed, the Car Dealer of The New Millennium has now adopted a new strategy: TO KNOW THY ENEMY IS TO CONQUER THY ENEMY. And believe me, he knows everything there is to know about you. He understands your buying habits, your instincts, what you like and what you dislike. He knows what excites you and what turns you off. He studies demographic profiles on you and he analyzes your psycho-graphic make-up.

He knows what motivates you to buy and he knows how to push your “hot-buttons”. . . every-single-one-of-them. But, the one thing he has learned and mastered that enables him to continue with his 60 year dominance over you, is this: If, through professionalism and exhibiting a sincere interest in your needs, he can convince you that he truly cares about you and desires to keep you a satisfied customer, then and only then, can he really be a winner. Because now he has not only sold you a car for an obscene profit, but he has kept you happy in the process. Ignorance is indeed bliss.

Yes, my friend, the Car Dealer of the New Millennium will totally engulf you with professionalism and accommodation. He will satisfy your every whim. He will lead you to believe that you just negotiated the best deal of the decade.

But don’t celebrate just yet. As you drive your shiny new car out ofhis driveway, bragging to your spouse or companion that this is truly the most pleasant buying experience of your life, that you really took control and ground the dealer down to the last penny, more often than not, you actually paid hundreds of dollars more than you would have if you had been armed with the right auto “secrets”. Little did you know that the well-dressed, soft spoken, low-key salesman to whom you will probably send your mother when she is ready for a new car, just made his highest commission of the month. That great deal you just made for what you thought to be pennies over invoice actually made the dealer three or four thousand dollars profit!

Not only did you pay too much for the car, not only did you get
considerably less than your trade-in was really worth, he also charged you a premium for the “extras” you added to your car. And the low interest rate you thought you got on your loan? He made a bundle on that too. I won’t even begin to tell you how much he pocketed on the extended warranty. Alas, the plot thickens! The evolution of the Car Dealer of the New Millennium has chalked up another victory and your checkbook is the victim.

Okay, time to take a breath. Please understand that this unsavory
commentary is not meant to insult you; it’s meant as a wake-up call.

So what can you do to protect yourself, to ensure that when you enter the showroom you’re standing on a level playing field? What you need is reliable, up-to-the-minute information that will keep you one step ahead of the dealer. You need to live in the dealer’s head, to know what motivates him and learn why he does what he does. You must familiarize yourself with the tactics used by the Car Dealer of the New Millennium and learn how to overcome them. And the best news is this: it won’t cost you a thin dime! Not a penny. All you have to do is visit this web site every week and religiously read the Tip of the Week. The more tips you read, the more ammunition you’ll have when you face the dealer. The information and little-known secrets I reveal—call them tricks of the trade-will give you the ability to completely overwhelm any car dealer, on any day, any time.

Yes, it’s a tall claim. And if you’re skeptical, I don’t blame you. After all, there are dozens of books written that allege to reveal innovative, money- saving car buying strategies. I wrote one myself, but that was a few years ago, long before the birth of the Car Dealer of the New Millennium. And we can’t forget the Internet; littered with dozens of car-related web sites. You can bounce around and spend hundreds of dollars on various “buying systems”. Or you can use my proven methods for free. My best sales pitch is simply to ask you to click on the “Testimonials” tab and see what others have to say about Free Auto Secrets, and of course, be sure to visit the sight weekly. Through the Tip of the Week series, you will ultimately compile everything you need to know from A to Z. I will cover every area of the car buying process, and remove forever the misconceptions and myths that have plagued car buyers time and time again. Step by step, you will learn how to accomplish what few consumers have ever accomplished. Even if you’re the most timid person in the world, when you enter the showroom you’ll feel completely confident and relaxed.

I will thoroughly dissect the Car Dealer of the New Millennium and expose his weaknesses, his strategies and his vulnerabilities. I will reveal methods of shopping for a new car that will allow you to control any situation. I will specifically outline methods of planning and negotiating that will save you time and money. You will learn proven strategies that will overwhelm and outwit even the shrewdest salesman.

I will also show you how to buy any car for the lowest possible price. You will get the most for your trade, the lowest finance rates and the best service after the sale. I will give you foolproof tips on recognizing deceptive advertising and help you avoid chasing deals that are too good to be true. Whether you are interested in buying or leasing, trade or no trade, import or domestic, new or used, you will be able to overcome every scam, gimmick, and smooth talking salesperson. Nobody will ever pressure you into buying a car again. No one will ever take advantage of you again.

You will never pay for an option you don’t want on your new car and the overall buying experience will become a rewarding, fulfilling adventure. You will be empowered like never before. The car dealer of the New Millennium will meet his match: the Car Buyer of the New Millennium!